Facebook is a very popular social media tool which takes care of the privacy and identity of its users. It can also be used to chat with different users who are online. In order to facilitate the users to chat with each other, it allows the users to view the online status of the users whenever they login to their account. This proves out to be useful in most of the cases, but in certain cases the users may choose to appear offline for some of their friends. But the tragedy is that most of the users have the knowledge to appear online or appear offline to all the people and have no idea that they can appear online for some people while appear offline for some of them.

This blog will help you to appear online only to certain people while appear offline to certain others. To facilitate this task, just go through the steps mentioned below and get rid of the friends with whom you do not wish to be disturbed.

This can be done by creating friends list and then apply the option to the list to appear offline or online to the member of the list. You can also simply enter the names of the friends for whom you wish to appear online or offline.

Create list:

Open Facebook homepage and then login to your account. Click on the Friends link and in the new window that appears choose the option to create a new list by clicking the Create list button. Enter a list name that is easy for you to remember. Then input the name of the friends for whom you wish to appear online/offline and finally click on the Create button.

Set the option to appear Offline/Online:

After creating the list you can choose the option to either appear offline or online. Click on the options button that is available on your chat box. A new drop down menu appears after which you can choose the option to change the advanced settings. Here there are three options available where you can choose to turn on chat for some of your friends, turn off chat for some of your friends, or turn off chat for everyone. In the appropriate box enter the name of your list. You can also add the name of your friends individually to appear online/offline for certain users.

In case of any problems call Facebook Customer Service and get the problem fixed by the experts instantly.

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